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1) REALTOR® Designation & Marketing
Each year the National Association of REALTORS® spend millions of dollars to promote to the public the benefits of using a REALTOR®. You directly receive recognition from the public by being a member of the REALTOR® Association.

2) Government Advocacy
The three way agreement between the local, state, and national REALTOR® associations is able to provide the real estate industry and homeowners alike with a presence in government. Illinois REALTORS® and NAR specifically have full-time staff devoted to watching your interests in government.

3) REALTORS® Political Action Committee
RPAC although separate from the Associations works hand in hand with them to be able to support political candidates who support the real estate industry. RPAC is an important part of your success by maintaining a government environment that is kind to real estate practitioners and private property rights.

4) Professional Standards/Code of Ethics
"The Code" and its enforcement is an unseen and often overlooked benefit. No other industry is like ours in that in order to be successful one must cooperate with their competition. In order for this combination to be successful everyone needs to play by a set of rules and know those rules will be enforced.

5) Member Communications/Updates
Heartland REALTOR® Organization puts out three informative communications - a weekly email newsletter, a biweekly hardcopy dissemination, and a quarterly hardcopy piece. Each of these is designed to bring you current information effecting your business in a timely fashion. We watch the news and bring you the most noteworthy information allowing you to remain current but able to focus on your core business - selling real estate. Beyond the local, the state and national association provide a myriad of communications (even magazines) to keep you up to date on important issues and topics.

6) Education/Designation Courses
HRO schedules convenient courses to assist you in acquiring the necessary continuing education requirement as well as more advance sales course such as Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Graduate of the REALTOR® Institute (GRI) and Certified Residential Specialist (CRS). It is proven that an educated REALTOR'S® income far exceeds one who does not seek additional knowledge.

7) REALTOR® Store
HRO maintains a fully stocked retail store providing REALTORS® with products necessary to be successful in real estate sales. Additionally because we can buy in bulk our prices are better than one might find elsewhere.

8) Training Classes
On going education is necessary in such a changing industry so HRO offers additional courses from time to time to focus on new trends or technology. These courses are generally free or at least at a reduced rate. Often these same courses would cost hundreds of dollars to take in a public environment.

9) VIP Programs
The local state and national associations by virtue of their membership size have developed discounts with other companies to be able to bring you or your client discounts on various products and services. It might be as simply as taking advantage of one discount to repay your REALTOR® membership fees.

10) Electronic Keycards & Lockboxes
Often forgotten electronic keycards and lockboxes provide an unmatched level of security over courtesy keys and combination boxes that some of your non-REALTOR® competitors might provide. Homeowners are innately concerned about the security of their home and belongings. Reassuring them that you have the most technologically advanced "smart" system for protecting their home is important to them. To often REALTORS® take this technology for granted and never mention it to their sellers.

11) Professional Assistance
We are a place to turn to for answers. It is your job to sell property - it is ours to assist you. When you get stumped on a question or have a need, we WANT you to call us. We bring you many services to be successful. Illinois REALTORS® has a legal hotline to answer your brokers questions while at the local level we often assist with the more usual "business practice" type of questions.

12) More, more and more.
We could go on and on about virtual offices, multiple listing services, database management software (MLSConnect), forms, 24 access to forms online, non competing pre-license courses, broker's license courses, office visits, national and state representation, new member orientation, affiliate membership, mediation and arbitration, fair housing partnerships, charitable contributions and networking opportunities but hopefully we've made our point. Certainly there is a value here into the thousands of dollars and you get it all for easily less than one.

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